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“Speak English” Skill Training Program

Jhep Foundation – “Speak English” Skill Training program using e-Learning method (at no fee)
December 2019

English is a common language of communication within India and abroad. Children in vernacular medium of education lack speaking skills in English. All the Marathi medium schools now offer English as a language subject from 1st grade and in addition some schools offer semi English curriculum, which includes instruction of two additional subjects in English, i.e. Math and Science. Hence all the children are familiar with at least basic English language concepts. In addition to that if young students get enough practice in “conversational English”, they can effectively learn English as a language for communication.

This will help young students access vast amount educational and vocational information and resources that are available through English medium audios, videos, web resources, etc. An improved ability to converse in English will help kids boost their confidence while interacting in the outside world and open up more career options.

Jhep Foundation has designed this ‘Speak English’ skill training program with a focus on listening and speaking skills. We have compiled video and audio content for this approach that will be delivered using digital and e-learning platform in schools. Our goal is to work with school teachers within participating schools to empower them to run this program.

Jhep volunteers will work very closely with these teachers to familiarize them with the course content and delivery mechanism. Our volunteers will provide ongoing guidance and support to these teachers to run this program very effectively.

Since this program needs e-learning platform, the schools will need to have either computers or TV screens or projectors. If a school does not have such technology, Jhep volunteers will work with the school to find such donor/sponsor partners who can donate the required equipment to the school.

This program offers flexibility in scheduling, but we recommend that this program be run during school hours so all the children can receive the benefit. Each video content is about 5 to 7 minutes long. We recommend that teachers spend minimum 10 to 15 minutes every school day or at least 2 to 3 days a week on reviewing this material so children can get more practice.

What is next?

  1. Approval from school and Jhep foundation to start the program
  2. Make sure e-learning platform is available in the selected schools
  3. Empower school teachers by providing content and training
  4. Pre-assessment: Test English speaking level of children before starting the program
  5. Create a training Schedule for each class to deliver this program
  6. Post-assessment: Test English speaking level of children after each level or after each month
  7. Build a strong feedback mechanism to ensure acceptable outcomes