JHEP Foundation – Niwara – WHY?

Situation: Girls and women in tribal areas have not had safe living environment and education for decades.

Background: In recent years the world around them is changing, but their lives are not changing much.

Analysis: We have visited some such safe houses but there is a need for more.

Recommendation: Build a shelter for such girls and provide them skill training in addition to regular education.


To provide safe and sustainable environment for girls and women where they can flourish with better quality of life and education.

Primary Beneficiaries

  • Nomadic Tribes (NT), Denotified Tribes (Vimukta Jati or VJ) and other poor rural area girls and women in need of safe, supportive and sustainable living environment
  • Rural and under-privileged area girls and women who can benefit from skill based trainings

  • Value Proposition

  • Young girls and women, often considered burdens to families and societies and discouraged from pursing education, will benefit from safe, supportive and sustainable environment, will receive quality of life and education.
  • Young girls will receive education offered by Jhep Vidya and other programs and will learn to pass on this knowledge to others in their homes and villages.
  • Young girls and women will build self confidence and learn self-sustaining ways to earn their living to support themselves and their families without having to resort to moving far away urban areas.

  • Our Approach and Method

  • Build sustainable, supportive, collaborative and safe living environment to include Ashram Shala, girl's hostel and women's shelter.
  • Collaborate with other ashram shalas and similar organizations.
  • Collaborate with local area schools to offer standard academic education.
  • Collaborate with Government agencies and other NGOs to provide necessary resources and life skills to the girls and women of Jhep Niwara.
  • Provide skill-based training/workshops through Jhep Vidya and other NGOs.

  • Initial Work Areas

    Currently evaluating land/property options in Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Ratnagiri Districts of Maharashtra.

    Skill development and economic empowerment projects with groups of women in Ahmednagar district.