JHEP Foundation – Vidya – WHY?

Situation: People have been migrating from rural areas to urban areas for generations, for education and or better earning potential.

Background: In recent years quality of life is going down for such migrants in urban areas. Due to high cost of living, they end up doing odd jobs in urban areas and living under poverty

Analysis: We have interviewed rural schools and workers in urban areas. If they have access to skill based training and earning opportunity in rural areas, they would prefer to stay with their families in rural areas.

Recommendation: Bring skill training workshops to rural areas, provide market place for such trades, create more earning potential in rural areas.


To help children, youth and young women to realize their true potential by providing skill awareness workshops, skill-based trainings and necessary connections to market places.

Primary Beneficiaries

  • Children in rural areas
  • Children in Government-run schools or Government-aided schools
  • Children with lower socio – economic background

  • Value Proposition

  • Children in rural areas may not be aware of various career opportunities and may lack necessary market place connections. Skill based education will prepare children with careers in various trades, including those traditionally practiced in their families and communities, and offer earning potential.
  • Mass migration to urban areas, related developmental challenges, dying traditional trades and skills, needed workforce for sustainable farming – are some of the challenges that will also be addressed through Vidya’s skill-based training programs.

  • Our Approach and Method

  • Collaborate with organizations that offer skill based training.
  • Collaborate with education institutions that offer skill based training.
  • Collaborate with potential buyers of such products and services.
  • Collaborate with Government-run and Government-aided schools.
  • Conduct awareness and skill-based educational workshops in the subject communities and schools.
  • Offer scholarships and funding to the Beneficiaries who can not afford to pay for this education.

  • Initial Work Areas

    Start with Ratnagiri, Ahmednagar, Pune and Aurangabad Districts of Maharashtra